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The social benefits of trades, crafts, and agricultural pursuits are discussed in this book. The author describes the contributions to society of various vocations and expresses the fundamental dignity that individuals acquire by working in socially useful employments.

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This is an agreement among merchants involved in the sale and transportation of slaves between Timbuktu in Mali and Ghadamas in Libya. Commercial agreement. This commercial agreement focuses on buying and selling in several cities. It also refers to the cost of building houses in the city of Massinah. Gold is used as the standard of value in all transactions, which include the buying and selling of slaves, gold bullion, and gum arabic. This certificate gives a detailed physical description of a woman who is being granted her freedom by her owner.

The document is drawn in the manner prescribed by Islamic law.

Certificate of emancipation for female slave. This map of Africa by the important sixteenth-century cartographer Abraham Ortelius displays a conception of the world that is land centered. West Africa and Timbuktu are shown situated in relation to the rest of Africa, demonstrating a world view that focuses on overland travel and still remembers Timbuktu as an important way station on the caravan routes.

Abraham Ortelius. Theatre of the World. Antwerp: G. Geography and Map Division , Library of Congress This map from the eighteenth century shows clearly the change in trade and travel that had occurred by Rather than being viewed as part of the larger continent, West Africa is presented with a focus on the sea routes that had replaced the land caravan routes to the area. Nuremberg: Homannianorum Heredum, Today maps often focus on single nations, as does this recent map of Mali.

Perhaps this practice reflects the fact that flying involves less sense of crossing land and sea to arrive at a destination than did earlier means of travel. This map does not indicate where in the world Mali is, only what is within its borders. Washington D. As the photograph in this book indicates, manuscripts are still used in the education of Malians. The student is reading a Koran, which is illuminated in the traditional manner. Chicago: Children's Press, General Collections , Library of Congress The size and elaborate construction of these edifices demonstrates the continuing cultural force of Islam.

The Sankore Mosque was begun in the fourteenth century, and the Grand Mosque was built in the early twentieth century. Africa's Glorious Legacy. Alexandria, Virginia: Time-Life Books, Library of Congress Exhibitions.

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Search GO. Structure of the Heavens This text was written to train scholars in the field of astronomy, a science that Islamic tradition traces back to Adam and to the Prophet Idris. A Poem on Islamic Law The author of this poem is instructing students of Islamic law about the rights of orphans and married women. The Law of Inheritance Islamic inheritance law is a highly regulated system in which individuals receive legacies depending upon their degree of relationship to the deceased.

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Laws of Commerce in Verse This volume delineates the obligations of parties to commercial exchanges and contracts. Songhai Empire and Islam The Songhai Empire was one of the most important states in West Africa during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. The Law of Slavery The author discusses slavery as it existed in West Africa during the seventeenth century. Islamic Saints Sufis Islamic mystics form an important element in Islamic society.

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Islamic Mysticism This text explains the basic principles of Sufi practice, pointing out the various stages of knowledge that mystics pass through as their knowledge of God increases through their strict application of devotional discipline. Philosophical Exchange The author of this work examines the approach to various issues in Islamic law and society by theologians and scholars and offers an explanation of the pronouncements of these learned individuals.

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The Rise and Setting Auspicious Stars This collection of writings is based on the Greco-Roman legacy of astronomy with the addition of discoveries made by Muslim scholars. Arithmetic Primer This commentary by the eighteenth-century scholar al-Rasmuki explains a work by al-Samlali the medieval mathematician.

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Please allow notifications to be able to download files. Block Allow. Mvmedia, LLC. Do you know some email of a good local guide? EDIT: if you visited Dogon people, I'd like to know if it is possible to reach their village and to enter into their home. Is it an interesting trip?

I'd like to take some shots. Mali is part of a longer stretch of travels, but looking for travelling companions -Sept Please message for details. Hello, I have booked an 8-day trip in Mali from 19th to 27th December. I'm struggling to make a plan, as my days are very limited. Must-sees include Djenne,Mopti and Dogon. Sightseeing 20th-Early wake to catch the morning 6am?

Reach Mopti hopefuly before noon. Find an English speaking Dogon guide. Probably take a night taxi to Sevare to save some time.


In a few weeks time, I'll be crossing from Senegal into Mali - entering at Farincounda in the west of the country. I will of course be heading towards Bamako - but can anyone recommend places to visit along the way? I can't find much detail on that region. Is the Boucle du Baoule worth a visit? I've read that there are interested archaeological sites.

Been in West Africa the last few weeks and would like to share some information about the current situation in and around Bamako and mountains from a tourist point of view. During my plannings, I gave up the idea of visiting the big mud castles in Mali. Maybe one day it will be possible again when this country will be recovered and freed from terrorism, but that didn't happen…. All rights reserved. No part of this site may be reproduced without our written permission.

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