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That would be a major strength of this book. Valerie has a hard time regaining the respect and trust of her fellow students, along with having to deal with the bullying. I would suggest this book to all students above 6th grade because I think they will find it most relatable and it may contain some sensitive content for younger readers.


I remember reading To Kill a Mockingbird and feeling so confused and curious as to, how did Harper Lee create such wonderful and, well, sometimes horrible characters? However, they were almost true based on real people. If you have read To Kill a Mockingbird I recommend this book for you. This book is about Harper Lee and how she made her life into a fictional and non- fictional book. This book also tells you about her life when she was young and before and after writing the book.

It is a good book but can get a little boring and factual for some chapters of the book. I did love how this book revealed things about Finch's landing and about Atticus. I would say this book is three and a half stars and recommend it for anyone who has read To Kill a Mockingbird. This book is set in California. The main characters are the twins Noah and Jude. Noah is an incredible artist. Jude is an okay artist, which makes her jealous of Noah. Noah and Jude are quite opposite from each other.

Jude is the fun, popular and flirty girl while Noah is more antisocial and isolated. The bullies at his school make fun of him for being the way he is. Nobody really sticks up for him. He hears about an art school from his mother, who also is an art fan. He wants to go to this school so badly because he feels like he will finally fit in somewhere. This book is a little confusing at first because it hops around from the perspective of old Jude to young Noah. This book is sort of like a ball of string. As you get closer to unwrapping the ball, the closer you are to figuring everything about the story that you want to know.

I have not read other books like this book before, but after reading this I would like to go find other books by this author. The only thing that sort of bothered me about the book were the superstitions that Jude has about certain moments in her life. This book is great for anybody looking for a drama-filled story. Just Mercy is a compelling tale about redemption and the importance of having mercy. This book follows Bryan Stevenson, the author of this book, as he works with prisoners on death row.

Stevenson helps people from all walks of life, and a wide array of ages, from 13 to This book really opens eyes to the injustice in our justice systems, and the horror inmates have to go through in prison.

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These people often get raped and abused in jail, and nothing is done about it. They waste their lives away in prison because of mistake they made, or for nothing at all.

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The reader will also learn that our justice system can be extremely racially prejudiced. Judges in this book have illegally selected all white juries to help them win a case, and have not abided by laws that have made things fair for all races. This book also touched my emotional side. How do these people not hate the world?

Rapper Offset arrested in Clayton County

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone over the age of It was a powerful and intriguing read. The book I have recently read was Keeper by Mal Peet. This book was published in Gato grew up in a jungle town where his life was pretty quiet and calm. But all of this changed when he wandered into the jungle and found a mysterious field and a ghostly, but very real mentor, the Keeper.

It is a strange tale that has many twists and surprises that are scattered throughout the entire book.. Throughout the book Keeper , there are many occasions where El Gato has to play goalie for a soccer game. One of the greatest strengths in this book is how the author gives the impression that you are actually in the goalmouth playing goalie instead of Gato.

The vivid and accurate description of the game from the eyes of a goalie brings the game to life and makes every shot and save all the more real. These small details add even more suspense to each game. Another strong characteristic in the book is the slow, but steady rise in tension and the urge to know what happens next.

Mal Peet uses all of the five senses to describe scenes throughout the length of the book. Keeper is truly an amazing book to read. As I read this book I was constantly thinking back to the title and the meaning of the book.

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The book was an explosion of emotion, love, depression, happiness, friendship, rivalries and even death keeping me on my toes and my eyes on the paper, not knowing what was going to happen next. The book also had a couple instances of subtle comedy, which were a nice touch in a somewhat sad book. The story is great and somewhat relatable about a teenage boy going to boarding school. He faces some social troubles and along the way is trying to figure out Alaska, whom he likes, from her personality and her past.

The great plot kept me thinking about the meaning of the text and kept me reading until my eyes hurt. This book receives my full recommendation and my solid 4. In Man's Search for Meaning , we see how people change due to the lack of humanization they experience due to the capos, inmates who enforced the directives of the Nazi leaders. We see through Victor's perspective what he thought and how other people felt. I like how the book gives background about what it was like to be in a concentration camp before going into detail about the things camp inmates suffered.

He also explained how he changed while he was at the camp and what changed him. Jacob Portman is not crazy. He knows what he sees when he finds his grandfather dying in the woods, he was killed by the creature of his nightmares.

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It was the monster that Grandpa Portman had told him about in countless stories when Jacob was young. Eventually, even Jacob manages to convince himself that the monster was a figment of his imagination and that it really was a pack of wild dogs that had killed Grandpa Portman.

The Secrets of Clayton County

But a while later, Jacob gets a book that his grandfather had meant to give him with a letter inside that was sent from the orphanage that Grandpa Portman had lived in in Wales. In Wales, Jacob does discover the blackened ruins of the orphanage, and realizes that the kids that used to live here might just still be alive. This story is about a dysfunctional British family who decides to move to the Greek island of Corfu. The family needed a break from their hectic lifestyles, but soon realizes that life is crazy no matter where you live. Each chapter is a new story.

The author has a British sense of humor, so I chuckled throughout the book. My Family and Other Animals is a quick, but interesting read. Elsa is 7 year old, who is incredibly smart for her age, and has always just felt different. Her grandmother is 77 and extremely rebellious. She takes Elsa on adventures to help her forget her problems at school and at home.

For example, they break into the zoo in the middle of the night to see the monkeys. In Miamas, everyone is different and proud of it. During the adventure, the fairy tales start to become real stories about real people. Along the way, Elsa also makes some friends that are just as different as her.

You will like this book, if you like stories that are sweet and charming with a hint of sadness.