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God Knows the Real You The beginning of this psalm makes it clear that God knows us even better than we know ourselves. How do we respond to so wonderful a message? Read more. Read less.

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Talk About It. What is your initial reaction to this topic? What jumped out at you? Do you have any questions about faith or the Bible right now? Start a list. Make a list of areas where you would like to make improvements in your daily life. Is this a new concept for you to realize that God uniquely created you? What do you hope your life looks like in 5 or 10 years? Paint a picture. As you look back at your life, how do you see God at work in your past?

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Are You All In? Should We Believe in Miracles Today? Who Are You Playing For? We must praise Him, even in the hardest of times.

Isaiah 51 • How to Pursue God

God reveals His pursuit of us when He executes justice upon the wicked. Our very system of justice here on earth is based upon Biblical principles. When the wicked are justly punished we see how God rules over all. God pursues us by constantly reminding us that HE IS. He never sleeps. He understands everything.

He lifts us when we are weak. Even when we fall short of His glory — and we all do Romans , He is still there waiting for us to reignite our relationship with Him. We can be sure that when we leave earth we will be present with the Lord. We know this because God gives us His Holy Spirit as a promise of that everlasting life and once He gives it to us He does not take it back John ;John ; John ; John ;Ephesians ; ; 1 John Even when we may feel very alone in this world we should rest in the assurance that God pursues us.

In fact, He loves us so much that He gave the most precious gift of all time. He sacrificed His only begotten Son to pay our sin debt. Jesus was born as a babe, grew into a man and never, ever sinned — because He was fully man and is fully God. Because He did not sin He did not owe the same wage of sin that every other human owes Romans Yet, Jesus willingly gave His life on the cross as a ransom for our own. He paid that debt that He did not owe. As long as we live in this sinful and fallen world we will sin and as believers although we no longer owe that sin debt because Jesus paid it all we may still have to deal with the consequence of sin.

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Do We Really Deserve It? Tagged as: God , Love , Pursuit. Pamela Rose Williams is a wife, mother and grandmother. She and her husband, Dr. Our true identity is found not in what we do for Christ, how hard we pursue Him, or how others view us. Our identity stems from an authentic relationship with God that He initiated in love. God has been revealing this astounding balancing truth to me — that God is and has been pursuing me with His radical love all my life.

We Are The Pearl Of Great Price

Our pursuit of Him is important, but most important is our response to His first loving us 2 Corinthians ; 1 John It is easy to believe that the Christian life is all up to us. Yet even godly men and women get tired of chasing after God.

God's Pursuit

God is the heavyweight in the Christian life. It is about His strength, His ability, His love, His longing, His resolve to stay in relationship with us. God longs for an intimate relationship even more than we do. In any intimate relationship there must be mutual desire, values, love, delight and pursuit for the relationship to really grow.

Building intimacy with God is greatly enhanced by realizing that He seeks and delights in it, and that He knows us through and through already. Not only does He know everything about us, but He is actively and personally engaged in our lives. He is calling us to a passionate love relationship with Himself.

God Is On A Quest

If the emphasis is on our seeking Him, we can subtly march as a soldier to the steps of obedience, endurance and duty alone. But that gets tiresome!

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We begin to lose our joy and delight in walking with God and focus on what we are to do in the Christian life rather than the joy of being a beloved child in whom Christ lives and works. With the focus on being an enduring soldier, we can miss the fact that He radically loves us and wants us to enjoy all things as His child 1 Timothy However there is danger if we only bask in His love and enjoyment of us. We can easily focus on grace without discipline. Yet the grace of God does teach us to lived disciplined and godly lives Titus With our emotions awakened to being loved by God, we are motivated by joy, and there is fizz and color in our walk with Christ.

By the way, He does not make junk! He will come again and take us to Heaven, where He is. We are royal jewels that He delights in and values as precious treasure 1 Peter ,5. What are some special ways God has proven and demonstrates that He is relentlessly initiating a close, loving relationship with us?

1nsp.com.ua/images/reno/2664-muslim-fr-site.php Jesus proves His love every time He initiates discipline in our life to mature us Hebrews We are in His active training program. Being radically pursued by a loving God has major implications in our intimacy with God. It brings new desire and excitement. The Scriptures are clear…He rejoices over us, likes us, and we radically please Him because of what Christ has accomplished by justification. It does not mean seeking to gain or earn His approval, His acceptance or favor.

It does not mean trying to prove our devotion, commitment, worthiness, or value to Him.