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He passes a house with a bunch of fish and a few other nice homes. Finally he comes to his own house and decides it is best. Hi there! Looking for an old children's book about a lady with a blue hat and flowers on it. She went to the market and it also includes a child.

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Sorry, can't remember much of it now, besides that. I think maybe it's Mrs Honeys hat? That was one of my favourites! Great list! I'm looking for a book that had many short stories. One that I can kind of remember was about a little girl who went to visit her grandmother. I think the book had a chicken on it. I dont remember really. Searching for a children's book in the early 80s about a young girl who is tasked by her mother to get a few items, so she decides in order to remember to tie a red string to her finger.

Millions of Cats is the oldest American picture book still in print! Im looking for a book my mom read to me all the time i thought it was called goodnight moon but thats not it. It wad a mom and her daughter and a moon and doing activities before bed i think there were pancakes involved and pigs i could be wrong but the moon was a big part of it. I am dying to find the name, i had the book my original and it seems to be gone.

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Any answers would be helpful thank you! I'm looking for the nonfiction children's science book that came out in the 80's all I can remember is the cover art I seem to remember the illustrations looked almost like kid house rock but not quite. Can anybody help me? We have been trying to find a picture book from his childhood.


It's probably from the 80s and is about a boy who has to remember a shopping list for his grandma but along the way lost of things happen i. I am looking for a picture book with a mauIn character of a young snake that keeps having hissy fits. I read it to my preschool kids between and I'm looking for a book, it's about a little girl hiding from her mom in different areas of the house, and her mom keeps getting more angry with her, she cries at one point, but you never actually see the little girl, she is is just eyes in the book.

I think it might be about going to bed. Hi hope you can help. I loved it as a child and would love to read it to my little one. I'm looking for a children's book about a kitten whose mother has to leave to shopping.

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The babysitter is a wise older lady cat who keeps him entertained until his mother returns. I'm a kindergarten teacher. Not that this matters in my question but I'm looking for a book that had a Japanese theme, it was a story about a warrior who is sent a quest or something and he encounters elements like fire, ice, water, earth, lighting, sun. Something like this I don't remember the the title of the book or the plot for that matter. I could be totally off base but I remember reading this book around when I was in grade school. The book is definitely a picture book the colors used om certain pages were dark and color specific to the elements previously mentioned.

I this maybe a long shot but maybe someone out there might have an idea of what I am taking about. I want to say the character was samurai or shogun. Any help? Hello I'm hoping someone can help. It was a part story, part rhyming and part tongue twister.

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I have been searching for this book high and low but cannot find anywhere that sells it wish I hadn't got rid of the copy we had now. Does anyone know where I can purchase another copy, who published it or the author? I am hoping that someone out there knows what book I am referring to or can help me.

Many thanks in anticipation. It's a long shot but maybe someone will know it here. It was about a little girl who did not want to go to bed, because she felt like she was going to miss something I'm pretty sure that was a line in the book. Her mom, dad, older brother and sister got to stay up and were downstairs.

Then she drifted into dreamland, the illustrations were beautiful, pretty sure it was watercolor. This has been racking my brain for at least a decade trying to remember the title of this book. Now I'm a mother myself and would love to read this book to my son - any help would be appreciated, thank you!

84+ Intriguing Children's Books About Imagination

I am looking for a book from the 80's maybe from New Zealand. I read this to my girls.

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From memory it was called Alfie and the Dark. It was about a little boy who talked to the Dark when he went to bed.

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The dark was a friendy character who also talked teliing the boy about where he went when the light came. It is called Alfi and the Dark. You can still purchase it on Amazon. I am looking for a book that I used to read to my children late 80s- 90s. It had a plastic dial on the cover , which I think was blue and it was about pigs. It was possible to use the dial as if you were calling someone- it may have had a ring too. I can't remember exactly. I would like to buy it for my grandson.

I am looking for a book that when you scrolled it would scroll black and white or color, depending on if you put your fingers from the top, bottom or middle of the outside of the books pages. Hi there, I see that a few posts here go unanswered I known it would hard to address them all but I will try anyway. I have managed to find some! I remember a short-story picture book which basically revolved around a boy at school. I remember the illustrations being very "new-age" and had what I can only describe as a "graffiti-hip-hop" style of illustration. I can't remember the plot entirely but it focuses on the boy trying to perform a magic trick where a school tie is cut up and placed in a brown paper-bag and then the tie is meant to be pulled out intact. I think - the boy decides he can't master the trick and decides to just do an act at the school talent quest where the trick doesn't work - as a comedy act.

But a member of the crowd pushes-in in place of the planned volunteer and expects the trick to work, along with the rest of the audience. Miraculously, the tie comes out of the bag whole! Is it ringing any bells for anyone? Much thanks. Hello everyone The book I'm searching for it's haunting me really is from the 70's's and is about a dragon remember the dragon as being fierce, black and "chinese" looking with long red tendrils that wants to eat some humans, but instead they befriend it by making a huge cake..!

Sometime between early 90s and s. It had a soft cover with a little girl on it sitting on a toilet. She had black hair bob with bangs. No shirt. The book was small in size. I am looking for a book that had a bunch of animal songs in it. It had a cassette tape to with all the songs.

There was one with an elephant Stomp and the last song and Pages were the owl. Does anyone have any idea what that book would be called or who wrote it? I'm trying to track down a book from the late 70s onwards. Hello, Anyone remember a book about a boy who makes a wish for ice cream and the Machine keeps making it and making it and he can't make it stop? Just wondering if anyone knows of a children's book or books of bedtime stories.

It's not Bedtime Stories. I don't know if it was strictly local in BC, Canada, or if it came from elsewhere. It was maybe between '88 and 92 that I received them as Christmas gifts.