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According to Lewis, it "prompted a Justice Department ruling, a General Accounting Office report, a Congressional hearing, was cited by four presidential candidates in and was partly responsible for an executive order in January by President Clinton, placing a lifetime ban on foreign lobbying by White House trade officials.

The report was an examination of the connection between overnight stays in the Lincoln Bedroom during the Clinton presidency and financial contributions to the Democratic Party as well as the Clinton re-election campaign. Bush affected the allocation of reconstruction contracts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

CPI first reports on LobbyWatch were released in They continued with this series in revealing how pharmaceutical companies had contacts even within the Food and Drug Administration and U. Trade Representatives. More than newspapers, magazines, wire services and websites cited CPI's report, The Climate Change Lobby Explosion , an analysis of Senate records showing that the number of climate lobbyists had grown by three hundred percent to four for every Senator.

In , CPI partnered with National Public Radio to publish "Sexual Assault on Campus", [65] a report which showcases the failures of colleges and government agencies to prevent sexual assaults and resolve sexual assault cases. The CPI found glaring weaknesses in Morgan's analysis that challenge the validity of his findings. In his latest analysis, he excludes people who were exposed to the worst contamination.

In , International Consortium of Investigative Journalists released the results of a month-long investigation based on gigabytes of data regarding the ownership of secret offshore bank accounts. The data was obtained by Gerard Ryle as a result of his investigation into the Firepower scandal. In early the ICIJ revealed as part of their "Offshore Leaks" that relatives of China's political and financial elite were among those using offshore tax havens to store wealth. In December , CPI journalist Sarah Kleiner published a report on professional fundraisers who use telemarketing to collect donations for US military veterans, then keep 90 percent of the funds collected.

During the s, Hampton said he had "hosted more than members of Congress across veterans shelter-themed forums in 46 cities" in rallies for these non-profits. This left c. Kevin Phillips of National Public Radio has said, "no other investigative organization shines so many probing flashlights into so many Washington dirty-laundry baskets. In , Slate media critic Jack Shafer described CPI as having "broken as many stories as almost any big-city daily in the last couple of decades".

Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan". In , CPI won a James Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism for their investigation of weak inspections endangering factory workers and surrounding communities.

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Hamby's story reported that doctors and lawyers working for the coal industry helped defeat benefit claims of coal miners who had contracted black lung disease. But when "good government" groups like the Center for Public Integrity engage in the same tactics, journalists usually ignore it. CPI's Bill Allison responded to criticisms arising from Tregalia's speech by emphasizing that Pew's contributions to the CPI's work on campaign finance have always been forthrightly disclosed.

Allison stated, "the purpose of our grants is to do things like code hundreds of thousands of public records, put them in a database and post them on our Website so anyone can use them. In another essay on CPI's website, Allison challenged CPI's critics, and Fund specifically, arguing that "[Fund] doesn't cite a single instance in which the Center has attempted to "hoodwink" government officials or anyone else, for that matter into thinking campaign finance is a genuinely popular issue, because he can't.

We simply don't operate that way. We don't do public relations campaigns. We don't lobby Congress. We don't petition the Federal Election Commission. We don't pretend we have legions of individuals contributing money to support our work. Our paid membership amounts to around six thousand people; we'd certainly be happy to have more Fund, back in the days when campaign finance issues were of concern to him, he sought us out to lend authority to his writings on John Huang and quoted us in an Oct.

Is it Mr. Fund's view that when he wrote about various DNC campaign finance violations, he was trying to hoodwink federal officials into thinking that people cared about the issue? Kovach concluded that CPI's reporting was "sound, ethical and fully in the public interest. Columbia Journalism Review reported: "As for the legality of using the password to access data, the lawyers concluded that, in theory, a prosecutor might argue it violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. But whether it actually did was open to debate.

Integrity in the Public and Private Domains

And, in any case, it was highly unlikely that charges would ever be brought. CPI officials also withdrew their entry of the tuna story for a Pulitzer Prize. In , Politico called into question CPI's collaboration with advocacy organizations. Politico also reported that Pew Charitable Trusts , a funder of the Looting the Seas report, hosted a screening of a CPI documentary and then organized a call to action with other NGOs for the protection of bluefin tuna. In , CPI published a report on tobacco that was both funded by and promoted by an advocacy group called Tobacco Free Kids.

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    Buchanan Stumbles". Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. July—August Columbia Journalism Review. Minority Page.

    Washington, DC: U. The National Anticorruption Center is currently working with the selected experts in the following sectors: customs, tax, public procurement, administration and change of ownership of public property, health protection and health insurance, education, agro-food sector, public order, environment, as well as local administration.

    The experts will participate in the drafting of sector-based anticorruption plans. This is a broad exercise, aimed at tackling vulnerabilities and offering sustainable solutions. With regard to the public sector more specifically, on 7 July , the law on integrity in the public sector entered into force in Moldova. This new law aims at anchoring a culture of integrity in the country and a zero-tolerance policy against corruption in the institutions.