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The graffiti pictures invaded worn-out walls and windows in the city of Pripyat as the most visited place in the Zone. You can find big murals as well as little single paintings that differ in color technique and style. The city of Chernobyl has its places with wall art too.

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Last year Portuguese street artist Antonio Correia better known as Pantonio was asked to create a symbolic and informative painting. As he later said it was a dream, an honor but also a challenge to work in such location because his art piece is connected to the tragedy that changed lives in the countries of Europe and influenced following generations.

The main idea of this mural is rebirth and hope that is supposed to redirect tourist's attitude towards the situation in the Zone from gloomy to more heartening.


There is also a nice beat of more atmospherically designed paintings which reflects the eerie mood of the place. Screaming faces of children women and man are most touching among them.

A Visit to Portland’s Graffiti Haven

In he finally put those plans into action and drew up plans to raze the building and create an apartment complex. But the way he carried out those plans caused uproar. On the night of 19 November artists found the building had been almost entirely covered in white paint, blotting out art that had been painstakingly painted over the years.

Kate Lucas, a lawyer with Grossman LLP, which works in the art-law field, said one consequence of the case would be to make graffiti artists — and property owners — aware of the need to set out agreements on ownership and rights to graffiti upfront. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Among those who have claimed the park are the homeless, who have set up small shanty towns, teenagers who want a place to party, dog owners who want to let their pets run wild, graffiti artists who want to paint in peace, and environmentalists who want to see the park returned to its natural habitat and resent the dog walkers and graffiti artists for helping to ruin the habitat.

In the '90s, the Bulb was base camp for a homeless population that allegedly arrived on boats and filled it with odd paintings and shambling sculptures, including a ramshackle "castle" made with spray-painted chunks of concrete and what appear to be shopping-cart pieces.

Abandoned land is graffiti heaven

It's pictured above; in case you're wondering about its creator, a dude named "Mad" Marc Mattonen, he was interested in a " gas or liquid drug that induces hypnosis. Among the more startling relics is this poignant woman imploring the heavens, made by local activist Osha Neumann:. And this desolate fellow, who looks like he's waiting for his skin to come back from wherever it wandered off to:. Here's one of the locals giving a tour of his hand-built home, which he hoped to one day augment with a "walk-in closet":.

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Recently, I took a tour of the Bulb's barrens to document its sundry gnarls and scrawlings. Near the entryway is this spinning sculpture that makes grotesque, exquisite-corpse creatures:.

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