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Inside the Forbidden City Part III: The Chinese Emperor’s harem

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The collections of the Palace Museum are based on the Qing imperial collection, including paintings, ceramics, seals, steles, sculptures, inscribed wares, bronze wares, enamel objects, etc. According to latest audit, it has 1,, pieces of art. In addition, the imperial libraries housed a large collection of rare books and historical documents, including government documents of the Ming and Qing dynasties, which has since been transferred to the First Historical Archives. From , the threat of Japanese invasion forced the evacuation of the most important parts of the Museum's collection.

However, with the Communists ' victory imminent in the Chinese Civil War, the Nationalist government decided to ship the pick of this collection to Taiwan. Of the 13, boxes of evacuated artefacts, 2, boxes are now housed in the National Palace Museum in Taipei.

More than 8, boxes were returned to Beijing, but 2, boxes remain today in storage under the charge of the Nanjing Museum. The Palace Museum holds , pieces of ceramics and porcelain.

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These include imperial collections from the Tang dynasty and the Song dynasty. It has close to 50, paintings, within which more than date from before the Yuan dynasty — , which is the largest in China. Of the almost 10, pieces held, about 1, are inscribed items from the pre- Qin period to BC. A significant part of the collection is ceremonial bronzeware from the imperial court. The collection contains both Chinese- and foreign-made pieces. Chinese pieces came from the palace's own workshops. Of these, the largest portion come from Britain.

The pre-Yuan dynasty part of the collection includes several pieces famed throughout history,. The earliest pieces date from the Neolithic period. This includes items used by the imperial family and the palace in daily life. This comprehensive collection preserves the daily life and ceremonial protocols of the imperial era. The Forbidden City, the culmination of the two-thousand-year development of classical Chinese and East Asian architecture, has been influential in the subsequent development of Chinese architecture , as well as providing inspiration for many artistic works.

The Forbidden City has served as the scene to many works of fiction. In recent years, it has been depicted in films and television series. Some notable examples include:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Forbidden City disambiguation. For other uses, see Gugong disambiguation.


This article is about the architecture of the building. For the imperial collection and museum, see Palace Museum. The Gate of Divine Might, the northern gate. Main article: History of the Forbidden City. Meridian Gate B. Gate of Divine Might C. West Glorious Gate D. East Glorious Gate E. Corner towers F. Gate of Supreme Harmony G. Hall of Supreme Harmony H. Hall of Military Eminence J. Hall of Literary Glory K. Southern Three Places L. Palace of Heavenly Purity M. Imperial garden N. Hall of Mental Cultivation O. Palace of Tranquil Longevity.

See also: Imperial City Beijing. Imperial roof decoration of the highest status on the roof ridge of the Hall of Supreme Harmony. Main article: Palace Museum. Belvedere of Literary Profundity. Hall of Mental Cultivation. Kuai Xiang. Southern Branch.

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